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Capturing The Unique Beauty of Lake Chelan

Welcome to our visual guide to the Lake Chelan Valley.
Chelan Cams is a combination of real-time photos posted from unique locations every 2 minutes and enhanced with the ‘Best Of” aerial ‘still’ and ‘video’ photos from our photo expeditions, and a repository of old photos of the valley as collected over the past several decades.

Our strategic Web-Cams  located at Stehekin and above the Lake Chelan Boat Company give viewers a real-time current look at weather and water conditions on Lake Chelan. These cameras pan, tilt and zoom creating multiple views from each location.  We also aggregate other public web-cams of the region, to augment Chelan Cams information pages for recreation and travel.

With the innovation of quadcopters, aerial photography was enhanced signicantly in the last few years. We joined that photo revolution, and have captured an extremely large collection of aerial videos and stills. On Chelan Cams we will share some of our best, and the best of others who choose to make them available as well.

Our history sections are works in progress. Over the last several decades we have collected over 1,000 historical images of the past.
Chelan Cams will present segments of these photos in sections as we grow our site. It has always been fun to create “Then and Now” photo comparisons.  Look for those in our photo library as it grows as time permits.

Riverwalk Park and the Chelan River
This photo just speaks to the peace in the valley.

Memorable Photo Moments

Featured Aerial Video

Classic Historical Studies